1.terraria i like this game because it is pretty much 2d minecraft all though it has a lot more stuff. 2.minecraft 3.bubles         Tamahikari Tammas via […]

I just went to go see the movie goosebumps. It was really fun.the first monster that comes out of the books is the abominable snowman.SLAPPY IS NOT HAPPY.

Jason Pearce via Compfight over the weekend I carved pumpkins. my pumpkin has a face on both sides.one face is a Cyclops and the other is a weird man.

blogging challenge 1

         I made my sister grace. I made her like this because she likes lions. I tried to make it look as much like a lion as I could.

blogging challenge 1

       This is my first blogging challenge post. this is my cousin Max. I made him like this because he has glasses and he likes football.

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